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Sometimes the most complex problems
have the simplest solution.
Jerritt Gluck, MFBA, a Materials Engineer who specializes in Building Science, has been in hundreds of steam heated apartment buildings while conducting energy audits and certifications. While one apartment in the building may have an average temperature of 72 degrees, another might run cold at only 63 degrees, and yet another might run hot at 82 degrees. Tenants might open their windows or their ovens to regulate the temperature, and building owners would complain about the high fuel costs. The perfect solution would allow each apartment or room to be controlled individually, wirelessly. And Bonded Energy Solutions (BES) a clean energy start-up, was born.
Gluck, working with Lazslo Osher, a Software Engineer who specializes in data management, developed the SteamTech System, a proprietary software system that allows just that. Each radiator, boiler and thermostat is fitted with a wireless control that can be accessed by a smartphone application. With a cloud-based building management system, other issues, such as steam leaks or poor air quality can be monitored as well.
Simple, easy to install, use and monitor, the SteamTech System is the answer to tenant, landlord and building owner complaints about uneven heat. To hear Jerritt speak about the inspiration behind Bonded Energy Solutions, click on the link below:
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