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The SteamTech System
Bonded Energy Solutions SteamTech System will work on any single-pipe steam heat system. There are hundreds of such buildings in New York. The SteamTech System is cost effective and easy to install. It creates zone control for a steam-heated building without additional piping or conversion to hydronic systems. With wall sensors in each room where a radiator is located, an air vent controller on each radiator, and a device in the boiler room that controls the on/off cycle of the boiler, the SteamTech System offers a clean energy solution to uneven heating in steam heat apartment buildings.

The potential fuel savings for building owners that install the SteamTech System are high. The average 50-unit building that installs the SteamTech System is estimated to recoup enough in fuel savings to offset the installation fees within one year. The SteamTech System is also ideal for smaller buildings, those with 20-units or less.
Case Study
An independent New York State energy evaluation organization is currently conducting a study, evaluating Bonded Energy Solutions SteamTech System installed in one Bronx building. Results are pending.
Pre-Seed Workshop
The Pre-Seed Workshop is an event where teams build companies - and Bonded Energy Solutions is a featured client. For additional info click here: