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Benefits of the SteamTech System
Complete Control:
The SteamTech System works wirelessly, turning your smartphone into a temperature control interface. The SteamTech System corrects any system imbalances, and it can monitor for steam leaks and air quality.

Cloud-Based Building Management System:
The SteamTech System is wireless and turnkey! There is no retrofitting necessary.

Save Money, Save Fuel:
An average 50-unit building is estimated to recoup enough in fuel costs to offset the purchase price in just one year.

Happy Tenants, Happy Landlords:
The SteamTech System is simple to install, with no construction debris, and no need to displace tenants. Each apartment or room becomes it's own zone. Tenants are comfortable and landlords save money.

Clean Energy:
Bonded Energy Solutions is a clean-energy company that helps building owners address energy costs and issues associated with municipal reporting compliance such as Local Law 87. Click the link below for additional information on compliance: